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Watch Stream's UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship Today Full HD

The Ultimate Figthing Championship (UFC) or what is often called Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a very sporting art popular in the era of the Modern Age as it is now, this sport is very famous with physical contact between opponents who drop each other in each space.

this sport allows various fighting techniques, such as struggles, kicks, and punches that are almost the same as Extreme Sports that used to be like SmackDown, but this Sports (SmackDown) is stopped as more and more victims are consumed. So UFC sports or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) become a pavorite sport for international wrestler athletes.

For example, Brock Lesnar, Phil CM Punk Brooks and Batista who were once extreme wrestler athletes at SmackDown who are now moving into wrestlers in MMA or UFC sports then No wonder this sport is getting more popular and more and more people like this Extreme sport.

With so many athletes appearing who won the UFC ConorMgregorr is an MMA wrestler athlete who has successfully become the champion of this MMA Ring Championship with 72 times without losing, every opponent facing him will surely present a very fierce battle while on the Ring.

MMA is now also present in Indonesia quickly and many Indonesian athletes are participating in the MMA Indonesia competition, in Indonesia itself is still called developing sport because it is new in Indonesian sports and must get good permission from the Indonesian government as well.