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Your privacy

Your privacy is very important to us, To choose your privacy We provide notifications and explanations to be able to find out the information we use, and so that this notification is easily informed. we create a Home page at each point so that all our information can be requested.

Advertising Media

On this Media Site using the Google Adsense media ad site, the Google Adsense function is for Third Party vendor media, Using Cookies to install this advertising media. The use of cookies on the Google Adsense side makes it possible to serve ads to visitors every time they visit this website and other websites.

You can see this Privasy Police that has been implemented by the Google Adsense Party by visiting: http / We do not have authority over police privacy policies from Google AdSense and advertisements displayed on our website are subject to the Google Adsense Privacy Policy.

Ads or networks from third parties can be used on the site. for this ad, cookies are used to view activities in users on this website, to measure the effectiveness and reasons for other reasons that will be provided in their own privacy policies. We do not have access or control over cookies that can be used by third parties from advertising media.

We also do not have the authority to sort out which advertisements will appear on our website. We are not responsible for the advertising material that appears on our website. All responsibility for the creative is entirely in the hands of the advertiser.

Data collection

When visiting this site, the Andress IP used will be recorded along with the date and time of the visit, information can only be used for statistical purposes and visitor analysis and for other internal purposes.

We cannot provide data to other parties for any reason and purpose. the other important thing is that data collection on IP addresses is not directly connected to your other personal data data.

Other Source Links

On this site there may be links to external sources to complete information, and add reperence of images or writing. we are not responsible for the privacy police that applies to blogs / sites. You must pay attention to the privacy policy that applies to that location.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We can change the contents of this Police Privacy Policy at any time without waiting for prior approval or notification to visitors if you have questions related to this police privacy, you can send a message by filling in the Contact that we have provided.